Sati Hsu Houston

Chief of Staff, Strategist, Servant Leader

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About Me

I am not half and half,
I am both and whole.

I trace my heritage back to communities from almost every continent. From that multicultural core, comes my deep curiosity for the unknown, my wonder at serendipitous discoveries, and my passion for connecting people and ideas across boundaries.I bring that thirst for knowledge and passion for transformational change to all of my endeavors - personal, professional, and photographic alike.

© Sati Hsu Houston. All rights reserved. Image credits.

Professional Career

I am an experienced Chief of Staff, international Strategist, and former Engineer and Management Consultant with 10+ years of experience.I have led globally distributed teams to create new ways of transforming the world around us. I thrive in ambiguity, embody systems thinking, and work hard to solve meaningful problems. My work has lead to transformational impact for international nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.One of my key skills is an ability to think creatively about the steps between "now" and the "future". My non-traditional career path - from engineering to management consulting to philanthropy to being a Chief of Staff - has honed my ability to understand systems, synthesize complex information, elevate emergent opportunities, and develop novel solutions. Through these experiences, I have developed expertise in how to lead and influence others in powerful and constructive ways.I strongly believe that an intersectional, equity-focused lens is necessary to creating positive social impact. To this end, my leadership style emphasizes sharing power, collaboration, and amplifying diverse voices and ideas. From these beliefs, I have been able to build bridges across silos, change the culture of major institutions and volunteer movements, and create novel solutions that led to step-change growth.

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Athletic Career

Over my 12 year career, I had the honor of having Olympians and World Champions as both teammates and opponents.Among these teammates are icons such as Valerie Arioto and Jolene Henderson, both gold medalists.I played 5 sports competitively - Softball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Lightweight Crew, Ultimate Frisbee - and a number of others recreationally.Injuries ultimately ended my athletic career, but I now dedicate my free time to exploring physical rehabilitation methodologies from across the US and Asia. My curiosity and passion for finding new ways to prevent surgery, rework mechanics, and promote healing have helped my fellow amateur and professional athletes.


  • NCAA Division 1 Pac-10 Varsity Softball member for Cal, Catcher.

  • 1 of 5 NCAA athletes at Cal who were pursuing a degree in Engineering. Learn more

  • Awarded a Golden Bear for academic excellence within Cal NCAA student-athletes.

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Image Credits

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